Amir Fattahi

Tehran-born/based Amir Fattahi is an internationally exhibited visual artist, designer, self-taught developer, and musician.

With a background in academic fine art such as painting and design, as well as as an experienced developer and self-studied musician, his works use different techniques, materials, and locations to produce visual communications that examine the relationships between life, art, poetry, sound, geometry, math, physics, and light.

He explores tradition, ritual, symbols, architecture, and calligraphy in his practice, drawing visual influence from ancient Persia and the Middle East.

These works are exhibited in the UK, Germany, France, the UAE, and Iran.

He is the founder and creative director of Ajam, an art-design and development studio, and has been freelance since 2008.

Called as one of the 12 Street Artists Transforming the Walls of Iran by Priscilla Frank from The Huffington Post.

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